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The PGM series of calibration benches (test facility) are designed for testing and calibration of all commonly used gas meters such as diaphragm, rotary, turbine and ultrasonic gas meters. The calibration/test facility is equipped with a special range of reference meters optimized for test facilities and travel standards. The focus of these meters is on repeatability, long term stability and free of pulsations. The calibrations are carried out with air at ambient temperature and pressure. The volumes of air passage through the flow meter under test and the reference test bench are compared by the use of the calibration software. The clamping mechanism can be equipped with selected adapters regarding different connections to gas meters. With the (automatic) clamping device, the clamping pressure ensures the sealing without the need to tighten bolts and to install heavy pipe spools. Each measurement point, flowrate, settling time, time for one measurement, and measurement mode are set by the software. The data is recorded for subsequent processing.

The dedicated calibration software enables the operator to prepare a test plan with several test points and test times which will be performed fully automatically. During the test all relevant temperatures, pressures, counted pulses and test time are acquired. For each single test point the volume which has passed is calculated for both the Meter Under Test (MUT) as the selected standard meter(s).

Flow rate: 0.5 - 6500 m3/h (0.07 – 229 545 cuft/h) (different flow rates on request)

DN40 - DN300 (different sizes on request)

Diaphragm, rotary, turbine and ultrasonic gas meters

Fully automatic

Dedicated and user-friendly  calibration software

Software - Test bench.jpg

Standard or customer specific

The standard installations are skid mounted and have a small footprint to make them fit into almost any testing laboratory. The test bench are supplied with all instrumentation, computer, software, control valves and blower. The meter under test is connected in series with an accurate reference meter. The quantity of gas flowing through both meters is identical and by taking pressure and temperature in both meters into account the volumetric flow rates can be compared. The Meter Under Test can be either upstream or downstream of the reference meter. Calibration installations ranging from small to very large can be designed and / or built according to customer requirements.  

Operation fully automatically


​The installations are developed to test fully automatically by the execution of a predetermined test sequence. Optionally the operator can select a manual mode to perform tests at any flow rates and in any sequence. The flow control valve is automatically controlled by the software to the required flow rate or programmed value. The software selects the appropriate reference meters and opens or closes the shut-off valves. After completion of a test, the generation of calibration reports and certificates can be done automatically. These reports can be adapted conveniently to customer’s wishes.

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