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Good after-sales and repair service is not something that happens by chance, it is the result of careful planning and the optimized use of resources.

It is important for the gas industry to measure precise and reliable the amount of gas that has passed through the pipeline. The flow meters used to measure the gas passed must be in good condition and have a valid calibration to ensure that accurate readings are obtained.

Precision Gas Measurement B.V. provides turnkey rotary meter and turbine meter refurbishing and calibration services at its fully equipped meter cleaning and repair facility. After an extensive incoming inspection, we prepare an individual repair quotation. 



Gas meters require maintenance in order to guarantee their accuracy. This is because deviations can occur over time that detrimentally affect this accuracy. If you want to be sure of your case, regular maintenance is needed to ensure the accuracy of your meters. For this you can contact our Repair and Service Department at PGM B.V. The Netherlands

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