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Precision Gas Measurement B.V. provides a complete flow meter calibration service on most flow meter types to a wide range of flow rates. The PGM test facility for the calibration of industrial gas meters meets the highest accuracy and is fully traceable to primary and/or (inter) nationally accepted measurement standards.

The installation operates on the master meter principle, comparing the output of a Meter-under-Test with the output of a highly accurate master meter. The process conditions are measured by pressure and temperature transmitters mounted on the master meter section and the test section. The quantity of gas flowing through both meters is identical and taking pressure and temperature into account the volumetric flow rates can be compared. 

Precision Gas Measurement B.V. provides turnkey rotary meter and turbine meter refurbishing and calibration services at its fully equipped meter cleaning and repair facility. Please contact us for more information about our calibration and refirbishing services.

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